Wayne Township Memorial First Aid Squad Responded to Record-High Calls in 2015

The Wayne Township Memorial First Aid Squad has just completed a banner year, responding to a record 5,160 calls.

On average, the squad responded to 14 calls each day, and again we had a call in all 365 days, never a day off!

Busiest Day of the Year
Wednesday November 11th 2015 = 30 calls (Veterans Day)

Slowest Day of the Year
April 5th 2015 = 3 calls (Easter Sunday)

The Squad is 100 percent volunteer and members put in 12,633 hours on calls, which is the equivalent of 526 days. In addition, members spent many hours in training and keeping abreast of the recent medical trends.

Since its beginning in 1943, the Wayne Township First Aid Squad has responded to a grand total of 182,063 emergency calls.

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