Planning Toward Our Future

As we look to the future of serving Wayne Township, we realize that in order for the Wayne First Aid Squad to continue to provide quality care, we need to consider several factors:

  • Our community continues to grow with increased population, businesses, shopping centers, and major highways running through it
  • The number of ambulance responses annually continues to increase – over 4,700 calls per year and climbing!
  • Addition of newer and more versatile vehicles, ambulances and equipment to the squad fleet
  • Our entire fleet of Ambulances, Trailers, Boats and Equipment must be ready to go in a moments notice.
  • Increase in the number of volunteers coming forward to serve our community – the squad has over 30 members in training in addition to the 100 plus active members.

Our Dilemma

We have out grown our currently facilities on Hamburg Turnpike. We currently have two Mass Casualty Trailers, a Ford Truck, an Ambulance and a Boat with no home.  All of our life saving equipment if very sensitive to extreme heat, cold and the nature elements, which require us to store them in a secure temperature control environment.

The Solution!

Expand our Hamburg Turnpike Building. In 2010, with help from Mayor Vergano and the township council, the undeveloped wooded area adjacent to our Hamburg Turnpike facility was deeded to the squad to expand our building.  The proposed addition to the squad’s Hamburg Turnpike building will provide such a facility with additional bay areas for vehicles and trailers, storage areas for supplies and equipment, and improved sleeping and training areas for our crews.

But We Need Your Help!

In order to expand our building we need to fundraiser one Million dollars, which is why we need every business, resident and citizen to donate to this project.

Your Tax-Deductible Donation Will Help Us Expand!

Your tax-deductible donation will help us to maximize the impact of our goals!

Check Donations

Checks may be made payable to Wayne First Aid Squad New Building Account and mailed to:

Wayne First Aid Squad
P.O. Box 291
Wayne, NJ 07474

Online Donations

Donate Online to our New Building Account:

Please include your return address so we can mail a receipt for your tax records.

Need More Information?

Want to know more about our plan to strength the Wayne community and how you can help? We would love to speak to you about our project and how you can help us. Contact us via our website or you can call our President at 973-694-9263 and set up an appointment.

We are very grateful for your support!